Hogan Knows Best: Season 2

Catalogue No.: 13300
Category: Television Series
Running Time: 260 minutes
Production: MTV Networks
Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan
Release Date: 5 May 2010
Barcode: 9315842040062
Classification: PG - Mild themes, violence, sexual references and coarse language
Language: English
Region: 0/NTSC
No Of Discs: 2

Hogans Revealed

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The Hogans return for a second season with all-new family adventures. Brooke is still trying to get a record deal - unfortunately, she's also trying to get a date. And though Hulk is supportive of her career, she's feeling trapped by his overprotective ways. Meanwhile, 15-year-old Nick loves to race cars and chase girls, and Hulk and wife Linda fear he's growing up too fast. But it's not all about the kids. Mr. and Mrs. Hogan have their own issues - like hiring New Age diet gurus, adopting orphan monkeys and planning their wedding anniversary celebration. But through it all, the Hogan clan keeps it together and even finds time for a trip to Key West and a movie shoot in L.A.! Catch it all on the second season of Hogan Knows Best.


Episodes include Brooke Breaks Away, Kids Get A Reality Check, Family Vacation, Nick Gets The Bug, Hogans Go To Hollywood, Anniversary Surprise, The Hogan Boyfriend Test, Twilight Of A God, Rent-A-Guru, Monkey Business, Nick's Growing Pains, Brooke Signs A Record Deal, Brooke's Video Dreams

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