Catalogue The Benny Hill Show: 1975-1976 Annuals
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The Benny Hill Show: 1975-1976 Annuals

Catalogue No.: 12925
Year: 1975
Running Time: 371 minutes
Notes |
Certification Mild sexual references and nudity , Infrequent mild coarse language
Release Date: 4/02/2009
Barcode: 9315842036300
Classification: PG
Region: 4/PAL
Media Type: DVD
Audio format: Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0
Video format: 4x3 Full Frame
"The most recognizable British comedian on the planet is back on DVD by riotous demand! Travel back to the freewheeling '70s and rejoice as Benny perfects his risque humor and bawdy slapstick in the 1975-1976 episodes from The Benny Hill Show. It features all 6 original episodes, including the fan-favorite ""Beach of Waikiki"" ballad. Disc 1 Gavin Blod: The Man And His Music 1. Benny Quickie: Escaped Irish Convicts 2. All-Time Favorites 3. Benny's Ballad: Beach of Waikiki 4. Gavin Blod: The Man & His Music 5. Benny Quickie: Irish Unemployed 6. Lee Gibson: The Moment of Truth 7. ""Long, Dry Summer"" by Tennessee Robbins 8. Newer Faces 9. Fruit Stand Great Mysteries with Orson Buggy 1. Benny Quickie: Mighty Deodorant for Men 2. Some More All-Time Favorites 3. The Art of Rolf Harris 4. Fred Scuttle: Thames Television Producer 5. Benny Quickie: A Racing Cert? 6. Diana Darvey: It's Nice to Go Trav'lin 7. Great Mysteries with Orson Buggy: The Catch 8. Film Talk With King of the Kung Fu Cult, J. Arthur Mein 9. Midnight in Soho 10. Dimpton Health & Sun Club Tex Cymbal: Golden Boy 1. A Host Of Your Favorite Stars 2. Benny Quickie: Irish Milkman 3. The Dream Makers: Clyde Jarrow, ""That Family"" 4. Eddie Buchanan 'Going Nowhere' 5. There's Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like 6. Benny Quickies: Professional Men 7. The Stamp Collector 8. The Golden Shot - Part 1 9. The Golden Shot - Part 2 10. Tex Cymbal: Golden Boy Old Grey Whistle Tester 11. Safari park Disc 2 Jack and Jill 1. Benny Quickie: Don't Jump! 2. Another Host of Your Favourite Stars 3. Pearl & Plain Shopping Centre 4. Is There Anything In It? Fred Scuttle: The Mind Reader 5. Some Quickies on The Dance Floor 6. Jack & Jill: Variations on a Theme 7. Benny's Mexican Cabaret 8. Benny Quickie: Dribble's Sights of London Tour 9. The New Vicar: A Monologue 10. Benny Quickies: Too Late! 11. Dilys Watling: That Ain't No Way to Treat A Lady 12. El Paso 13. Sports Day Word of Sport 1. Benny Quickie: Your Own Food! 2. Guest Stars 3. Benny & Jackie as Luke & Tinker 4. Benny Quickie: Fly Spray 5. Fatricia & Feter: The Pinal Foem of Faul Pinch 6. Benny Quickie: A Limerick 7. Some More Quickies on The Dance Floor 8. Strangers in The Night 9. Benny Quickie: Bus Stop 10. Benny Introduces Love Machine 11. Benny Quickies: Misunderstandings! 12. Transistor Radio 13. Bill Poster Murder on the Oregon Express 1. More Guest Stars 2. Domestic Bliss! 3. Captain Fred Scuttle Space Ace 4. Henry McGee Cooks Chinese With Fanee & Jonee Claddock 5. Brenda Arnau: Tell It Like It Is 6. Murder On The Oregon Express 7. The Lower Tidmarsh Fire Brigade Glee Singers 8. The Misadventures of Robin Hood 9. Benny's Snuff Box Sale of the Half-Century 1. Benny's Ballad: So Many Girls 2. Humphrey Bumphrey: Continuity Announcer 3. Sale of The Half Century 4. Getting To Know You 5. Eddie Buchanan & Love Machine: Dancing In The Nude 6. Paul Eddington Asks: ""Is There Anything In It?"" 7. Biology With Bellamy 8. Supersonic 9. German Department Store"
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