Copyrighting laws don’t get the right kind of attention. They often take a backseat because people pay more attention to social media and marketing. However it is one of the most important things which a musician should be aware of. Everything comes later when it comes to copywriting.

Without copyrighting music would stop being a profession and would turn into a mere hobby. People could copy your content, use it as their own and even add or take away from it, all without your permission. This is why it’s so important to understand copyright laws.

The following are a few basic facts about copywriting every musician should understand.

Get to know your exclusive rights

You are the only person who has the right to create a copy of all your songs

Distribution of those songs is your exclusive right

You can create derivatives

Display it according to your choice

Perform and the record the song

In case anyone would like to use the song, they would have to provide you with some form of payment and seek your permission as well. This is a great way of protecting hat I exclusively yours.

How to get your copyright protection

As soon as you pen the song, the six rights mentioned are immediately yours. However, it would be a smart move to get a federal registration. Why? Because in case someone makes use of your song without your permission, the federation provides you to file for statutory damages. Asking for statutory damages would turn into your favour because it entitles you to the attorney’s fees as well. Learn more about startup lawyers based in Melbourne by clicking here.

This in turn also becomes your only proof of ownership. It also holds a great deal more importance if it ever comes to settling matters in court. 

So what exactly is infringement?

There is no set rule for what exactly is infringement. If someone copies even a ten second segment of your song, it can be considered a copyright violation. People might get into a great deal more trouble for copywriting popular songs. In case if you aren’t the creator of the song, yet still plan to use the song , always make sure that you get copyrighting permission for doing so.

There are two kinds of copywriting. One is composition copy writing, this is related to the lyrics and the melody of the song. The other is sound recording copyright. The first one belongs to the creator of the song and the second one belongs to the recording artist. Protect your patents and intellectual property with an IP lawyer based in Melbourne by visiting this site.

However a song can have more than one sound recording copyright, but only one composition copyright. However if you write and record your own songs, you have two copyrights under your belt.

Want to know more about copyrighting law? Make sure you contact Studio Legal. Failure to get copyright for your songs could spell trouble for you in the future. You wouldn’t want your songs stole by multi-millionaire businesses, only to find that you have no proof of the song being your own. Be smart and get copyrights for your songs today. ⤧  Next post The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Insurance